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Theater Arts with Ms. Sarah


Oct News

In Theater, Kindergarteners will:

• Dramatize storybooks and build their own dramas based on them.
• Create characters and dramatic storylines.
• Stretch their imaginations and PRETEND!

First Graders
• Engage in dramatic storytelling through narrative and tableau.
• Participate in a community based dramatic project.
• Create characters and scenes using props, costumes and other theater materials.

Second Graders will:
• Participate in the Spring show at PS11.
• Create characters and write short plays using photographs as inspiration.
• Explore and hold different theater roles: actor, director, etc.

Third Graders will:
• Participate in the 3rd grade Fall/Winter Show.
• Delve into the world of physical theater, and will create their own piece of physical theater.
• Train their voices in projection and articulation.

Fourth Graders will:
• Work on ensemble and team building.
• Participate in a dramatic project using fables.
• Develop spontaneity in Improv activities.

Fifth Graders will:
• Create dynamic characters.
• Write and perform monologues.
• Have the opportunity to be part of the cast or crew of the 5th grade musical.

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