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We need photos for the yearbook!

The Yearbook Committee needs your help! Please take and/or upload some pictures of the amazing events that are happening at PS11, so we can have a nice selection of images to choose from for the Yearbook. We usually include group shots, activity shots, portraits and kids having fun in general. Please note that we can only accept images of PS11 students and events (please no siblings, friends, family events and extracurricular activities)

All pictures should be sharp and high resolution. As we have limited space in the book, we ask that you only upload your best 10 images per event.

Below are some upload links that are available for events. We will add to this list periodically as events take place in the 2nd half of the school year. Please make sure you upload the images to the correct link.

Events: Fall Festival, 5th Grade D.C. Trip, Spelling Bee, 3rd Grade Farm Market Stand3rd Grade Show5th Grade Rosie’s Theater2nd Grade Show100th Day Of School3rd Grade Farm Trip,Ballroom DancingRead-a-thon5th Grade Show5th Grade Show Backstage Images4th Grade Camping Trip

Clubs: Chess ClubMath ClubPS11 Dance CrewYoung ArtistsLibrary ImagesGreen Team

School Pictures by Grade: Pre-KKindergarten1st Grade2nd Grade3rd Grade4th Grade5th GradeAfterschool

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