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SLT Enrichment Proposal Application

Download Application Here

The PS11 SLT welcomes community involvement in creating enrichment programming available to our students, yet we receive many more requests than can be implemented during each school year. To help us evaluate which proposals can be considered for further development, we have established the following Enrichment Proposal Application process: 

1. Applicant(s) submits an Enrichment Proposal Application to the PS11 SLT at any time during the school year.

2. Proposals are reviewed by the PS11 SLT on a first-come, first-served basis during scheduled calendar meetings. 

3. Further information may be requested from applicant(s) if needed, including a request for a presentation of the proposed Enrichment Program to the PS11 SLT. 

4. The PS11 SLT may confer with PS11 PTA to determine if adequate funding and/or parental support is available.

5. The PS11 SLT will approve, deny or set aside the Enrichment Proposal. 

Please keep in mind, any enrichment proposal should provide the student community with the opportunity to access unique experiences that enhance and support existing curriculum. Please be as specific as possible with your responses below, and feel free to contact the SLT if you require clarification. The PS11 SLT approval of an Enrichment Proposal does not imply that PS11, the PS11 SLT, or the PS11 PTA will provide any/all resources that may be required. 

Note: According to Chancellor Regulation D-120, PS11 families may not receive any financial benefit at any point in time from the proposed program, even after children are no longer enrolled at PS11.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please email