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The lottery for the PS11 Young Artist Program is now closed. If your child was selected to participate, you will be notified of the class details by January 9

Welcome to the PS11 Young Artists Program, where each week, a small group of children meets with a parent mentor to learn and create. At the end of 8 classes, each child will select a piece of artwork to display in a show! Classes begin the week of January 16.          


This year, the program will accept applications from children in grades 1 - 5 only. This program has been very popular and historically, not every child who wishes to participate has been able to enroll. We ask that you only apply if your child is able to commit to attending all classes on time, barring illness or emergencies, of course.           


You can see a description of classes below. Sign up for the program's lottery will begin on December 15 and will end on December 19 at noon. Sign up here!


Most classes fill up quickly, so it is a good idea to choose more than one class. If you would like to assist a teacher so that we can accept even more students into the program, please email ASAP.


Class Descriptions


8AM Thursday Magical Garden (creating an environment with sculpture and light) with Halla Elias and Lisa DiNapoli

In this class the artists will use everyday objects to make colorful sculptures that will be combined to create a final art installation - A Magical Garden! Prepare to get messy and use your hands a lot. This class will involve painting our materials, cutting, using hot glue, other adhesives, and wire to create our end project.


8AM Thursday Pop Up Books and Paper Engineering with Lisa Steinmeyer and Lisa Morrison

All Grades

In this class,we will explore various techniques for the students to employ while learning how to make a pop-up book. Folding, cutting, and gluing of colored and textured paper will be combined with storytelling so that each student will construct their own final pop-up book.


8AM Friday Grafitti with Kelly Collamore and Stephanie Tricola

Grades 3,4,5

Students will learn graffiti arts on canvas to create a collaborative mural. They'll learn tips and techniques including "tags", "throw-ups" and the larger piece we'll create together, using acrylic paints, collage, paint pens and spray paints. Although water-based, we will be using real spray paints in at least 2 of the classes, but students will learn respect for property, rules and safety in using these mediums - like using gloves, masks, and goggles. Students will also learn the history of graffiti and street art. They will have some individual pieces throughout the program and post gallery show, will have a piece of the mural to take home.


11:20AM Monday Lotus Girls--Live! with Jenny Scheffer Stevens

Grades 2 and 4

Lotus Girls - Live! is a joyful and adventurous workshop exploring the creative process—a spirited mash-up of yoga, theatre games, storytelling, and hands-on projects, culminating in a dynamic piece of “performance art.” The course is designed to help young girls tap into their innate creativity in a visceral way, to stretch and strengthen their imaginations and their bodies. We’ll play with a wide variety of tools and media that can foster ideas, inspiration and flow. Our work will build confidence by encouraging uninhibited participation, improvisation, physical freedom, individuality, collaboration, involved listening, and a spirit of playfulness, and will empower each girl by celebrating her unique artistic “voice.”


11:20AM Tuesday Pillow Design & Construction with Annie Walsh and Melanie Gomez

Grades 2 and 4

This class will teach the design and creation of 4 different kinds of pillows. It is a fun, creative exploration of textile design, pattern making and learning to sew.


11:20 AM Tuesday Leather Techniques with Stella Zotis

Grades 2 and 4

Students will make an accessory embellished with grommets, pyramid studs, whip stitching and studding.


11:20AM Wednesday Sneaker Design with George Kozby

Grades 2 and 4

Over the next 8 weeks we will be designing sneakers !!! Every two weeks the class will focus on a particular style of shoe: basketball, running, soccer, and lifestyle. We will go over the the different parts of a sneaker,  so they can become familiar with the proper sneaker terminology  when describing a sneaker design.    Different drawing techniques will be used to show depth, texture, and proportion.  Our focus will be drawing the side view


11:20 AM Wednesday  Studio Eleven with Dia Hollenbeck Minkow
Grades 2 and 4


Each week we will create different works of art! Based on the group’s interest, we may be experimenting with painting on canvas, watercolors, origami, stenciling, dream catchers, unissex jewelry, sand bottles, tie dye, self expression dolls, looms, or collage.


11:20AM Thursday Cutouts and Collages inspired by Henri Matisse with Bettina Bruning

Grades 2 and 4

This course will introduce students to Henri Matisse’s later works, his cut-outs and collages., as well as to other artists who use collage and cut-outs. Students will learn to mix colors and paint paper for their collages, draw shapes, and use scissors for their cutouts. Students will be introduced to think about negative and positive space.


11:20AM Friday Fashion Expression with Dana Solano

Grades 2 and 4

Fashion has long been described as a celebrated form of self-expression. Students will be encouraged to be the architects of their identity, expressing themselves by creating a look that speaks! Please bring a jean jacket, tote, t-shirt, etc. Students will celebrate who they are using a wide range of embellishments, so they can show the world who they are on the inside!


12:20PM Monday Comic Art with Laurence Maslon

Grade 5 only

This course will provide an overview and a practical application on how to create comics. Our focus will be on creating characters and using those characters to create a visual storytelling in several forms. We’ll first look at what makes an interesting comic art character and students will create one or more of their own. Our first application will be in comic strip form, learning storytelling through panels of a daily strip. Then, we’ll amp up the action quotient and look at full page comic art and the creation of action characters—superheroes, monsters, wizards, whatever. We’ll then start adding the elements—dialogue, effects, and so on—to create a comic book page of adventures and experiment with inking and coloring the final page. By the conclusion of class, students will have created their own characters and displayed them on a fantastic amazing page for posterity!


12:20 PM Tuesday Textile Arts: Hand Sewn Quilts with Kati Lovasz

Grades 3 and 5

This class explores the textile art of hand-quilting. We will learn basic hand-sewing -- no previous knowledge of sewing is necessary -- and how to create several classic quilt blocks. We will talk about the stories behind these blocks as well as the math involved in figuring out how to sew them. By the end of the session, each student will have their individual blocks sewn together and quilted by the teacher to show their newly learned skills in a piece of applied textile art.


12:20PM Wednesday Art of Collage with Jessey Husley and Rosie

Grades 3 and 5

Artists will learn how to combine diverse materials and media in to one unique piece of art. Students will use magazine and newspaper clippings, fabric, photos, ribbon, tissue paper, stickers and Washi tape. They will collect, cut, and glue until they have their own masterpiece! Each week the class will have a different theme, such as mandalas, self-portraits, food, nature, or animals.


12:20 PM Friday Model Making and Casting with Elizabeth and Pam Doyle

Grades 3 and 5


8AM Thursday Fascinating Headware with Elaine Chang and Mary Vasquez

All Grades