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PS11 Young Artists is a parent-led program of mentors who lead weekly art classes for small groups of students. All classes take place in available space at the school either before school (8:00 AM) or during lunch periods.
2020 Young Artists Classes:  Jan 13 - March 13, 2020
The program concludes with a gallery show to exhibit students’ artwork!

Information Session & Kick-Off
* * *
Class space is limited so the more volunteers we have, the more students who can participate. We need ~15 mentors and 15 assistants. 
Deadline to be DOE fingerprinted is NOV 1st!
Mentor* Artists will mentor students to learn, explore, or develop a skill in a 50 minute class each week for 8 weeks. Bring your ideas and creativity to develop an 8-class course. You decide on the type of class, the description, what materials to use and what students will do each week.
Is this volunteer opportunity right for you?
Anyone who has a skill or knowledge of a specific medium, technique, or subject and wants to share it with students. Must enjoy art and must enjoy guiding kids. You do NOT need to be a professional artist. 
Assistant*  Volunteers will be matched up with a mentor to work with 1 class throughout the program. Responsibilities are class prep, assisting students, clean up, and escorting students to/from classrooms. Must be able to devote 1 - 1.5 hours per week for 8 weeks to assist with one class.  
Is this volunteer opportunity right for you?
Anyone who likes to be around kids, has a lot of energy and is generally helpful! Must commit to one class for the program and be present each week consistently. 
* All volunteers must be fingerprinted/background check per DOE policy. Sorry, no exceptions unless you went through this process last year.  DEADLINE to be fingerprinted is NOV 1st!
* * *


Each year, the Young Artists Program concludes with a gallery show in a professional gallery! Last year, our show was sponsored by the GIANT Room and was held in their space at the High Line Nine Galleries. Each student who participated in Young Artists exhibited one piece of their artwork in the show. Throughout the show, we held "Gallery Talks" giving the volunteer mentors, assistants, and students an opportunity to talk about their class and/or their artwork.   
2020 Gallery Show will be held in the Spring after classes have concluded. Stay-tuned!