Welcome to the Young Artists Program 2017! We are happy to present the fifth year of the 8-class program where parent artists will mentor student artists in a variety of artistic disciplines. You will be able to sign up by clicking here during the signup period, which begins Monday, December 12th at 10AM and runs until Monday, December 19th at 10AM

Children will be notified by Wednesday, January 3 with their class assignment should they be selected to participate. Classes start the week of January 9. Final products will be displayed in a Chelsea gallery later in the year.

All students are chosen by lottery, with preference given to those who did not participate in the program last year.

Children will be given a hard copy of the signup form at school. Please DO NOT hand in the hard copy if you have access to the internet. If you are reading this, you have access to the internet. DO NOT fill out a hard copy and send it back to school. Instead, click here and sign up during the signup period.  [link to come later] 

Below are classes that will be offered this year.  Check back frequently for changes and additions. If you have any questions, please email

Selfies:  An Exploration of Self Portraits With Nathalie Robbins and Veronica Pajares
The class will be guided through approximately 6 self portrait projects that will primarily incorporate a mix of drawing, collage, and selfies. The class will also include some collaborative portrait pieces one of which will be interactive at the final gallery show!  (Grades 4-5 only) 

Our Portraits
Using pencil,  flair pens, watercolor, and more  students will learn to develop the face.  Students will draw each other and also themselves in order to understand the forms/elements that make up the human head and its complexity. (Grades 3-5 only)

Pop-Up Books and Paper Engineering with Lisa Steinmeyer
In this class we will explore various techniques for the students to employ while learning how to make a pop-up book. Folding, cutting and glueing of colored and textured paper will be combined with story telling so that each student will construct their own final pop-up book. (Grades 3-5 only)

Fascinator Design with Elaine Huie Chang and Mary Vasquez
A fascinator is a headpiece, a style of hat design. It is usually a large decorative design that is worn on your head for formal events.  Learn about the history and work with textures, shapes and colors to create a masterpiece. (Grades 3-5 only) 

Collage and Painting with Kelly Collamore and Stephanie Tricola
This class will combine different techniques of collage with acrylic painting and drawings.  We will use many types of materials including newspaper, magazine clippings, string, paper and recycling materials.  Children will explore layering materials and paint to create unique and exciting works of art.  (all grades)

Photography with Melanie Wesslock
(description coming soon) (Grades 3-5)

Kid Inventors (Industrial Design) with Gabriel Zangari and Lisa Morrison
Have you ever wondered how they thought up your toys, the furniture in your room, or who decided how to make new taxis in New York City? Well, those people are industrial designers. They look at needs and find good working and good looking solutions. In this class, we will go through a classic user-based design project that finalizes in the presentation of your new product idea. (Grades 3-5)

Color Expression Through Paint with Halla Elias and Lisa DiNapoli
 In this class students will explore different painting techniques like drip painting and marbleizing. Students will be encouraged to work spontaneously, and will be given freedom to explore their own subject matter. This class will culminate with a dramatic collaborative painting created by the entire class.  (all grades)

Fashion Expressions with Dana Solano and Dara Genesi
Fashion has long been described as a celebration of self-expression. Students will be encouraged to be the architects of their identity, expressing themselves through fashion, creating looks that speak! Please bring a jean jacket, tote, t-shirt, etc. to redesign. Students will celebrate who they are by using a wide range of embellishments. (all grades)

Avant-Garde Fashion Design
This course will explore and reflect on Avant-Garde Fashion.We will learn about some of the great pioneers of Avant-Garde fashion such as Rei Kawakubo, Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen. We will do a series of projects to encourage the students to tap into their creativity and approach fashion from their own unique point of view. We will explore the design process from inspiration to material selection to sketch to proto sample making. Each student will choose one item (clothing or soft accessory) to make a proto sample of for the final presentation in muslin.  (all grades)

Lotus Girls—Live! with Jenny Sheffer-Stevens and Traci Ballas
This class is a joyful and adventurous workshop exploring the creative process. A lively mash-up of yoga, theatre games, storytelling, and hands-on projects, the program culminates in a dynamic original performance piece showcasing our activities and discoveries. The course is designed to help young girls tap into their innate creativity as they stretch and strengthen both their bodies and their imaginations. Applicable to all the arts and beyond, the work builds confidence by encouraging uninhibited participation, inquiry, improvisation, physical freedom, individuality, collaboration, involved listening, and a spirit of playfulness. In Lotus Girls—Live! each participant is empowered as she finds and celebrates her own unique artistic voice. (grades 2 and 4)

Fiber Art Stories with Kati Lovasz
In this class will look at some of the ways people all around the world tell stories using nothing more than fabrics and thread. Each student will be asked to look for and bring examples of folk art from their background(s). We will then think of ways to translate these examples into the tools and materials we can us here in New York, today. We will then use fabrics, pieces of leather, felt, glue, needle and thread to create our own works of art.  (Grades 2 and 4)

Fine Arts Mixed Media 
In this class the students will be learning about the power of color and composition using different mediums such as paper, acrylic paint, glue, glitter, lucite and wire.  (Grades 2 and 4)

Knitting and Sewing with Tricia Burke
This class teaches children basic hand-sewing stitches, longer knitting and knitting with needles. Each child will be able to select fabrics and yarn and put together colors and patterns.   (Grades 2 and 4)

Watercolor with Annie Walsh
We will learn about the materials, techniques & process of watercolor painting on paper. The class will explore themes and styles such as Still Life, Landscape, Abstracts & Traditional Scrolls with a focus on freedom of expression.  (Grades 1, 3 and 5)

Interior Design Academy
This course will embrace young designers and their need to visualize, create and define themselves through interior design. How do we live? How can we live better through design? How can we reimagine the one environment we control?…our homes. We will explore the basic building blocks of interior design through lessons in space planning, color theory, light, and a basic introduction to home materials though construction. Students will gradually build and design their own miniature versions of their homes through their eyes. Additionally, we will be creating videos each class where students will be encouraged to discuss their design ideas and reveal their mini spaces each week. (Grades 3 and 5 only)

Sneaker Design with George Duval and Paris Voussoughi
Learn the Basics of Sneaker Design.  How to draw some of your favorite sneakers.  Heel counters, toe box, outsole, laces and more.  (Grades 1, 3, and 5)

Model Making & Casting in Bronze for Jewelry or Sculpture with Elizabeth and Pam Doyle
Students will design small figures based on inspiration drawn from print material or other sources of their choice.  We will model the figures in clay.  Students will learn about the casting process.  Models will then be molded and cast in bronze at a casting house off site.  Students will then finish their bronzes as jewelry or sculpture.  (Grades 1, 3, and 5)