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Music with Ms. Golub

Ms Golub has created a dedicated website for the Music program, so please go explore all the wonderful links like: Meet Ms. Golub, Afterschool Programs, Upcoming Performances, Supplies, Games and Trivia, and more.

Newsletters 2017-2018:

September Newsletter


• Ms. Golub's Music Memory 2018-2019 

5th Grade Students

 5th Grade Moving On Ceremony Music and Lyrics 2019

• 5th Grade Show Music
• Letters and schedule for the 5th grade show


2nd Grade Students: 

 • Music and Lyrics for 2nd Grade Show 2019 


3rd Grade Students:
• Circle in the Square Lyrics from Ms Golub
• Circle in the Square Music

Recorder Music
Recorder Music Log

To download tracks to some of our recorder songs (so students can play along), go to this site and type in the song.



About our Music Program:

PreK will start with discussions on the four types of voices we have (whisper, talking, singing, shouting), simple vocal warm ups, and a study of Nursery Rhymes. They’ll play simple unpitched instruments (triangles, maracas, small drums) to learn rhythmic patterns and beats and self-expression.  We’ll also work on locomotor skills, walking, jogging, and skipping to various rhythms.

Kindergarteners start the Music and the Brain keyboard program and Piano Book I. The program focuses on singing, rhythms, and patterns and taking those skills to the keyboard. Warm up exercises are introduced for their voices. They’ll learn, sing and perform unison songs and games in both English and other languages. We’ll play some pitched and unpitched instruments to reinforce the rhythmic patterns, dynamics and tempi that they are learning.

First Graders
continues in the Music and the Brain program, adding different tempi, dynamics and rhythmic patterns to their keyboard playing. We continue in Piano Book I, adding both hands to some songs and more difficult rhythms. We work on expanding their vocal range and adding more vocal warm ups.

Second Graders continue in Piano Book I or start Piano Book II, depending on where their class left off the previous year. We introduce playing hands together and moving out of the Middle C range, and further explore dynamics in music. Vocally, we’ll sing rounds and partner songs. The Second graders do our Spring Show — a big part of their Music/Theater curriculum.

Third Graders perform our Thanksgiving/Winter show at the end of November. Following the show, they each get a recorder, harmonica and harmonica book as a gift. We’ll review notes and rhythms from the previous year. We begin B, A, G songs on the recorder, playing some classic songs, songs they are familiar with from the radio, as well as “rock” songs for motivation.

Fourth Graders will review their recorder work, starting the year off with more difficult songs. We will also begin a simple guitar study. (Ms Golub is looking for parents/friends to help tune guitars during their class time if you are interested.)

Fifth Graders start music second semester due to their busy schedule. We’ll review note values and treble clef note reading skills, in preparation for Middle School. We start work on their Moving On songs. Those who choose to participate in the 5th Grade Production will see me earlier in the year, during morning and afternoon play practice.

Ms Golub has created a dedicated website for the Music program, so please go explore all the wonderful links like: Meet Ms. Golub, Afterschool Programs, Upcoming Performances, Supplies, Games and Trivia, and more.