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    Shop Amazon and Support PS11

PS11 earns up to 10% of your entire purchase when you shop on but you must use our PS11 link. Our fundraising code is already embedded in this link. You can shop for holiday gifts, Amazon gift cards and 100's of others, purchase office supplies for your office, or shop for your own personal items. Amazon has it all.

You must use this link:


2 Ways to Use Amazon Purchases to help fund our PTA:

Affiliate Program:

• Use the banner on the website to shop on
• Between 4% and 10% of eligible purchase comes back to our school. 
• Have to remember to always click the banner before shopping or checking out. 

Smile Program:

• Shop by going to
• 0.5% of eligible purchase comes back to our school. 
• Great for relatives and friends or anyone who often forgets to use the banner before shopping on Amazon.