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Annual Fund FAQs!!

Why did the PTA create the PS11 Annual Fund?

Our school’s programming relies on families to supplement the school budget from shortfalls in city funding.

What does the Annual Fund pay for?

The following amazing programs and enrichment offerings at the school and so much more:  

Theatre Department, Technology Department, Art Department, Music Department, Gym Teacher, Dance Department, Air Purifiers, Air Conditioning, Pool, Rosie’s Theatre, FallFest, Theatre Supplies, Annual Musical, Bender Bars School Supplies, After School Scholarships,

Moving On Ceremony, Circle in the Square, Young Artists Program…

Wait, the Annual Fund pays for some of the Enrichment Teaching Staff??

YES! The Annual Fund directly pays for teachers in Technology, Dance, Theatre, Music, and an additional Gym Teacher.

I just bought something in an Auction or on CharityBuzz, should I also give to the Annual Fund?

YES! Contributions, or gifts, to the Annual Fund are so important because they are direct donations to the school with no reward for the donor, which means we can count it toward school-wide participation. Our goal is always 100% school-wide participation in the Annual Fund.

Doesn’t the money end up in the same place?

Auction and CharityBuzz purchases are extremely important and support our Fundraising goal for the year. The money goes to the same bank account as the Annual Fund (Friends and Family of PS11) and covers the costs of the same programs. However, an important differentiator is that Auction/Raffle/CharityBuzz purchases do not count toward “Family Participation.”

Can I have an example?

If a family buys a $3,000 item in an Auction or on CharityBuzz, while it is incredible, we cannot count it toward “Family Participation.” But, if a family gives even $5.00 to the Annual Fund via Check/Paypal/GivingFuel and includes their child’s class number and name, we can count it toward “Family Participation.” 

What does “Family Participation” have to do with it?

“Family Participation” numbers help us represent an active population when we apply for grants or large donations from community orgs and foundations.

I understand that we have a $600,000 Fundraising goal for the year, but how much money are we trying to raise this year, specific to the Annual Fund?

$400,000! This will ensure we can hit our goal to raise $1,200 per student, which is how much it costs to fund all of the amazing programs, enrichment staff, and resources we’ve listed on the Annual Fund site.

And how much have we collected so far this year for the Annual Fund?

Just about $130K, which is approximately only 30% of our $400K Annual Fund goal for the school year.  

How do I participate in Corporate Match?

Corporate Match for this tax-year ends in December, so get your requests in now! If you aren’t sure if your company participates in Corporate Match, please reach out to your HR representative and ask about company matching to “Friends and Family of PS11”. All you need are just a few details!

How can I provide a meaningful gift to the Annual Fund?

DONATE HERE: https://ps11pta.givingfuel.com/annual-fund

OR HERE: https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8ZHJNA7Kl4

OR E-MAIL [email protected] to coordinate check collection

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