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Visual Arts with Ms. Sam

Got extras? Ms Sam is looking for donations of small plastic/model animal and legos 
for the art program... if you've got any to spare, please them send in!

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All About ART at PS11

In the art room, we focus heavily on process and individual expression, exposing student artists to as many types of art making experiences as possible and encouraging their imagination.Through the grades the projects change but the same major art disciplines are explored as skills develop. Your kids will explore:

Drawing from imagination, observation and memory using many different media including crayon, marker, graphite and oil pastels. Your kids will also receive their own sketchbook for project planning and sketching on location, including on our roof and in the garden.  

Painting using watercolor and tempera paint, mixed with drawing for resist painting, and bamboo brushes to study Asian traditions.

Collage of all kinds! Your kids will delve into this wonderful, flexible artform, creating masterpieces from torn paper, cut paper, found images, three-dimensional and more.

Architecture starting with drawing, moving toward building and cooperative constructions.

Sculpture of all kinds, created from paper, found objects, mixed media, wood and paper maché.

Ceramics that are fired and glazed in PS11’s very own kiln! Your kids will delight in clay exploration, creating pinch pots, coil pots, ornaments, mosaics and figures and more.


Check out updates on Ms Sam's Art Room Gallery Page!

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