Tracking Student Progress

In order to ensure that children receive differentiated instruction based on their individual progress PS11 uses several systems of data collection. Parents have access to ARIS via the internet. The ARIS parent link provides a snapshot of a student's individual information. It includes attendance, test scores, and personal contact information. Students in the upper elementary grades (3-5) are given interim and predictive exams several times a year. This information is used to plan for state exam prep and also appears on ARIS.

Another system of data collection is Teachers College Assessment Pro. Assessment Pro provides longitudinal data regarding a child's reading progress. The information includes: independent reading levels, spelling levels and letter/sound awareness. This year we are also incorporating a series of performance assessments in alignment with the Department of Education and the Common Core State Standards. More information will be available as these assessments roll out throughout the year.

In lieu of traditional citywide report cards, PS11 uses student portfolios. Portfolios are discussed and sent home at the parent conferences in November and March. They are also sent home in January and late May/early June along with a mid-year and end of year progress report. Portfolios are collections of student work with individual goals. Students plan with the teachers to include the best samples of their class work. They also include in-class assessments in math, writing, reading and the content areas. Work collected throughout June is sent on to the next grade for review in September by the student and teacher.