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PS11 SLT Meeting and Event Calendar

SLT has 10-11 2-hour meetings per year. In accordance with the SLT Bylaws, members are allowed only two absences, and must be at 3/4 of a meeting to be counted as in attendance. In addition, the SLT holds Family Workshops on a variety of topics, as well as Curriculum Connection Seminars throughout the year. If you wish to attend an SLT meeting, please refer to Attendances and Participation of Non-Team Members procedures in the SLT Bylaws and contact

2019-20 SLT Meeting Dates

All meetings will be held in the main office from 3:30-5:30 on the following Tuesdays:

September 10th at 3:30
October 15th at 3:30
November 12th at 3:30
December 3th at 3:30
January 7th at 3:30
February 4th at 3:30
March 3rd at 3:30
April 7th at 3:30
May 5th at 3:30
June 2nd at 3:30 



SLT Workshops/Events

9/17: Curriculum Night (K-2)
9/18: Curriculum Night (3-5)
9/24: Curriculum Night for Specialty Classes
6/28: Poetry Night