SLT Family Workshops and Events
In addition to its official responsibility of producing a Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP), the PS11 SLT organizes Family Workshops and Events that foster parental involvement, community building and provide valuable information and tools to students, parents and guardians throughout the school year.

SLT Workshops/Events

9/16: Welcome Back Potluck
9/21: Lower Grade Math & Literacy Night (K-2)
9/22: Upper Grade Math & Literacy Night (3-5)
1/19: Architecture Night
5/31: Poetry Night
6/23: End of Year Potluck

SLT Bookclub
11/2, 8:30 am:  Parent and Child Bookclub -- Quiet Power
11/30, 8:00 am:  Coffee and a Book -- How Children Succeed
12/6, 8:00 am:  Coffee and a Book -- The Gift of Failure

Curriculum Connection topics and dates to be determined. 

Girl Facts is scheduled to change next year to a non-event communication and also include Boys Facts per parent feedback.