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SLT Community Goals

Each year, in addition to hosting family workshops and our formal work on the Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP), the PS11 SLT chooses Community Goals that target specific needs within our school community. For this school year, we have chosen the continue to focus on the following goals:

Communication/Parental Involvement:

SLT Bookclubs




SLT Curriculum Connections

Safety/Communications: Photo ID Badges and electronic Emergency Contact Cards

SLT has been working tirelessly this year, improving overall safety in the building. In addition to working with the administration to change our general safety protocols for drop-off and pickup, we have implemented a new Photo ID Badge for every parent/guardian, teachers, staff and support personell in the school building with the following guidelines:

General Guidelines
ALL ADULTS must display an ID Badge or Visitor Sticker at all times when in the building.
- Staff show badge to SSO and DO NOT sign in.
- Support show badge to SSO and DO NOT sign in.
- Guardians with badges show badge to SSO and DO sign in for volunteering, scheduled appointments, Ryan Center etc.
- Guardians with badges show badge to SSO and DO NOT sign in for large schoolwide events (Shows, Family Friday, etc).
- Guardians without badges without badges DO sign in using own photo ID and obtain orange visitor sticker.

In addition, the SLT created a computerized database for Emergency Contact Cards, allowing teachers to have access to a list of who students can be released to at pickup as well as critical information in case of emergency.

Health, Nutrition & Fitness Goal: PS11 Wellness Calendar

Here at PS11, we’ve always promoted a healthy lifestyle in our school community. Every day, our kids learn the many benefits of exercise and eating right by way of our dance and movement programs, our Garden, Farm Market, healthy cooking programs, our focus on healthy lunches... even our new chicken friends in the schoolyard! But we can do more. The PS11 SLT is excited to announce our new online PS11 Wellness Calendar , offering an easy and fun way to promote healthy lifestyles for our children. Teachers will utilize this calendar in their classrooms, using the Wellness Tip of the Day to promote exercise, wellness and healthy habits across the school. We hope you will visit daily as well!

Fitness Goal: Fitness Before the Bell Program

Nutrition Goal: WITS in the Schools


We are also fortunate to partner with Wellness in the Schools (WITS), a program which inspires healthy eating, environmental awareness and fitness as a way of life for kids in New York City’s public schools. Through meaningful public/private partnerships with school leadership, teachers, chefs, coaches, parents and kids, Wellness in the Schools creates hands-on programs such as Cook for Kids, Green for Kids and Coach for Kids.



Communication Goal:

The PS11 SLT continues to strive to improve communication between the school and parents, parents and parents, teachers and teachers. This is done via an improved website, targeted and clear email communication with parents, curriculum coffees, SLT workshops, etc. If you have an idea as to how we can continue to improve communicating with each other, please email us!


The SLT continues to focus on improving communications with parents. The SLT created website, Year-In-The-Life of a PS11 Student Guides, as well as information sessions and Q&As designed to answer the many questions that arise during the school year.






Kind & Gentle Goal
Last year, we continued our   PS11 K&G Pay it Forward Initiative. Students of PS11 took their Kind & Gentle philosophy out into the community, hoping to see how their own actions can have far-reaching effects. Each grade came up with their own PS11 K&G Pay it Forward good deeds, and asked the person who was the recipient to do something nice for someone else, paying it forward.

Check out the cards we've received back! Postmarks are from Australia, Texas, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, California, and all across the 5 Boroughs — and people from China, South Korea, London, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Domincan Repulic, Poland, Paris, Hungary, Brazil, East Africa, West Africa, Australia, California, Virginia, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and of course New York! Remember, be K&G and always Pay It Forward!