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Here is the presentation used at our September 2018 Safety Townhall Meeting. Please review to ensure you are aware of our schools procedures. 


The front door will no longer be an entrance during arrival and dismissal

All students, including students who are having school breakfast,  (Grades PreK-5) will now enter through the yard beginning at 8:30. Kindergarten students will go directly to the cafeteria. A group of parent volunteers (thank you!) will help to escort kindergarteners to the cafeteria. Kindergarten teachers will continue to pick up their students from the cafeteria.

PreK Parents may bring their children to the cafeteria through the yard.

Late students will come into cafeteria and be given a late pass at the rear of the cafeteria. Parents of late students will not be permitted in the cafeteria.

Only staff members will enter through the front door.

All staff members must have their ID lanyard on when entering the building.

All volunteers/student teachers/interns will be given a lanyard and must wear it while in the building.

For school wide events, tickets will be sent home for adults to present upon entering the building through the front doors only. If you are attending an event (Classroom project, Family Friday, etc.) you must present a ticket. During Family Fridays, all adults will present their tickets at the playground gates and enter the building with their children. Anyone who does not have a ticket will be asked to wait, present a photo ID and sign in.

All visitors must follow the current protocol to enter the building. They must wear a visitor badge at all times.  If a teacher has scheduled a visitor, he/she will write the visitors name and time of appointment on the visitor's log at the officer's desk. Any non-scheduled visitors must report to the main office. The safety officer will call the office to let us know that someone is coming up.

The building will be on Lock Down (ALL doors locked) from 11:30-1:30. Only the following people will be able to enter the building at this time:

  • Regularly scheduled volunteers
  • Family members who are picking up a child
  • School Staff


No one will use the main staircase during dismissal.

No adults will be permitted to enter the building at dismissal.

Students who are not picked up will be brought to room 101. Parents will then have to sign in to pick up their child and will be sent to room 101.

The general office will close each day at 3:00. No one will be permitted to enter the 2nd floor after that time. If you need to come to the main office, please do so from 9-11:30am and 1:30-3:00pm.