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Reference Site for Teachers

Hi PS11 Classroom Teachers.

This page is just a list of the resources that are available to you when working in the classroom / on the go / at home.
Most of these resources are cloudbased but some, like Safari Montage, are set up on site to increase the speed and ease of use at the school.
When going to a cloud or web based resouces some are as simple to use as going to a website and signing up for free teacher account.
Others require a log in set up by Mr. Fier.
And with any of these resources Mr. Fier is happy to explain further, just come by the computer lab right before or right after school.

Set Up On Your Own:
PBS Media Lab is a deep catalog of free media to use to support lessons on any and everything you teach. Many of the videos come with lessons, assessments, and even interactive web based activities. 

Quick (5 to 10 minutes) Set Up with Mr. Fier:
Safari Montage is a server that has been added to the school network and houses tons of media (video, graphics, and more) to access without the worry of buffering and dropouts due to slow or no Internet. 
BrainPop Teacher and Student Accounts allows you to access lesson, quizes, games, graphic organizers, and much more. 
NetTrekker Teacher Account. A search engine based on the needs of classroom teachers. 

Longer (half hour+) Set Up with Mr. Fier:
Type to Learn 4 is a typing tutor for grades 2nd and up. With a teacher account you can monitor how students are progressing through a set of fun typing lessons.