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PS11 Parent Teachers Association (PTA)

PTA — Friends and Family of PS 11 Overview
Every parent or legal guardian of students currently enrolled in PS11 is automatically a member of the PTA. Everyone is encouraged to participate in their child's experience at PS11 through PTA involvement. It's a great way to feel connected to the wider school community and better understand how your child spends his/her time at PS11.
The PTA has several important functions. One of the primary goals of the PTA is to raise money to supplement Dept. of Education programs. This funding provides our entire arts curriculum, STEM, parent/child social activities and special events, Field Day, Fall Festival, theatre productions; teacher and faculty professional development trainings; student dances; field trips; organized sports during recess; goggles/caps for the pool; Wellness in the Schools lunch program; yearbook; routine head lice checks; and more! See what your contributions support.
Without the on-going generosity and support of every parent or guardian in the school, the PTA would not be able to provide all these amazing opportunities for our children. Therefore, the PTA relies on each and every family to give to the school in money and/or volunteer time. The main fundraisers include the Annual Fund and the Spring Auction & Gala, but there are opportunities throughout the year to give in various ways.

There are two types of PTA meetings—General Meetings and Executive Board Meetings. All parents or legal guardians of currently enrolled PS11 students are welcome to attend both meetings.

PTA General Meetings are held monthly, on Fridays at 9:00am. (Please check the calendar for more details.) All PTA members are eligible to vote on motions brought to the floor at general meetings.
PTA Executive Board Meetings
are also held monthly. However, only Executive Board officers are allowed to vote on issues at these meetings. The PTA Executive Board consists of parents who are elected by the PTA to represent their needs and interface more directly with the school administration, the SLT, the CEC, and other community groups.

If a parent or guardian has a specific issue that he/she wants raised at a General or Executive Board meeting, she must first contact the President or Secretary. The most effective way for a parent to contact a board member is to email us with any questions, ideas, or suggestions. The President or Secretary has the right to determine whether or not an issue is appropriate to be included in the meeting agenda for general discussion.

PTA Meeting Minutes are recorded, distributed, and voted on at the beginning of each subsequent meeting.

PTA Budget
Each year, the Executive Board reviews the PTA’s expenses of the previous school year, determines the anticipated expenses of the upcoming school year, and meets with the Principal to incorporate costs not allotted to the school by the Department of Education. Once approved by the Executive Board, the budget is presented to the parents at a General Membership Meeting. A majority of those attending must approve the budget. Once the budget is approved, parents and guardians have made a commitment to raising those funds, whether by personal donations to the PTA Annual Fund or by other fundraising activities. If you would like a copy of PS11 PTA's Budget for 2019-2020, please email the PTA.

PTA Annual Fund
Each year the PTA canvasses its membership for donations to the Annual Fund. Proceeds from all fundraisers, including the Annual Fund, must be used to supplement or complement the educational, social and cultural programs of PS11. In order to meet the current budget for 2019-2020, the PTA is allocating approximately $850 for each child. In other words, your child is gaining the benefits of the PTA's fundraising efforts in a variety of ways. If you would like to make a contribution, please download this Annual Fund donation form.

PTA By-Laws

PS11 PTA By-Laws

Hard copies of the PTA By-laws are also on file in the main office and may be made available for any PTA member to view.