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Prohibited Items
Children are not permitted to bring the following items to school:

•Candy and gum
• iPods
• Trading cards
• Cell phones
• Silly Bandz
• Game Boys
• Toys, games or heelies


These items are extremely disruptive and create problems for students. Therefore, they cannot be used during the school day, and they will be confiscated immediately. Confiscated items will either be returned to a parent or guardian, or at the end of the school year. Also note: scooters, bikes, skateboards or roller blades cannot be kept at school. Cell phones, iPods, and other communication devices are prohibited on school property.

However, the principal may grant permission for a student to bring a cell phone into a school for medical reasons. To obtain an exemption, you must first complete and sign a form found in Chancellor’s Regulation A412 and submit it to the principal for approval.