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Welcome to Mr. Fier's Links to Paper Airplanes
On the Internet

You can start by going down to RESOURCES below on this page and find Internet sites that show you how to make a great PAP (Paper Airplane). Or go to a site that not only tells you how to make a great PAP but also tells you how to launch it, make it look cool, and how it works.

Still not had enough?!?

Do a Web Search for Paper Airplanes. If you find a good one tell Mr. Fier and he'll add it to the resources on this page!

Have a Great Flight!

10 PAP Designs
This site has 10 great designs to start with and more!

5 Basic Designs  
This site has animated gifs that take you through the making step by step.

The National Paper Airplane Contes
This site, hosted by has so much great information. 

PAP Activities
Many Different PAP Designs
Many Links/Many Designs
Understanding How PAP’s work
Very complex but super cool PAP