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Lunch Forms

For the past several years, PS11 has been a part of the Universal Meal Program. This program, funded by New York City, has allowed all of our students to eat free lunch. Unfortunately, due to the large citywide budget cuts, this program has been eliminated. Some students may be required to pay reduced or full price for lunch.

All families will be required to fill out a School Meals Application form. The form will determine if your child is eligible for our free or reduced meal program. It is crucial that ALL families complete this form as we are expected to have a 100% return. You are still required to complete and submit the form regardless of whether or not your child qualifies for free or reduced lunch, or if you plan to only send your child with home lunch. The information required is only used to determine your child’s lunch payment eligibility.

The information on these forms also provides our Title One Funding, which could amount to several hundred thousands of dollars. So, please complete this form and return it to your child’s teacher no later than Friday, October 8th. Students whose households do not submit an application are expected to pay the full price of $1.50 per meal for every lunch served to them in school.

If you need assistance in completing the School Meals Application, please contact Stephen McGill, Parent Coordinator at 212-929-1743, ext. 2081