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If you are unable to provide breakfast for your child, the school will make one available from 8:30–8:40 am. This meal is courtesy of the Department of Education. Pre-K and Kindergarten parents are allowed to spend this time with their children in the cafeteria to make sure they eat breakfast and clean up after themselves.

Lunch and Recess

We are committed to making Lunch and Recess a positive and enjoyable experience for all PS11 students.

Safety in the cafeteria and on the playground is our number one priority. School lunch is provided by the Department of Education and meets the new and improved nutritional standards for school food. A monthly menu is always displayed on the bulletin board outside the kitchen. We encourage parents and guardians to provide home lunch for children who have food allergies, or for children who are picky eaters.

To learn about an easy way to pay for school meals, please go to or to our My School Bucks Page.  

Our goal for Recess is for each child to enjoy fresh air and physical activity. Please note that students have outdoor recess for most of the year. In cold weather, please dress your child with a hat, scarf and gloves. Students will only have indoor recess if it is raining or the wind chill factor is dangerously low. Parents may not excuse their children from outdoor recess unless they provide the school with written notification from a physician. If the weather does not permit an outdoor recess, we utilize the auditorium spaces for structured activities. Our Student Lunch Leaders program will continue this year with selected fourth and fifth grade students who help out lower grade students, in the cafeteria and on the playground.