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PS11 Lost & Found 

Lost and Found Claim your Stuff 

Fri, Dec 14th 8:15-9am In front of PS11

Items that have been left in Lost and Found since the start of the school year will be displayed in front of the school for you to reclaim.Please note, items not claimed will be donated to a charitable organization at the end of the year.

For more information about Lost and Found click here!  Thank you!

To help prevent loss, all items that might be removed should have:

-First name or initial, 
-Last name  (most important!!)
-Class number


Email questions about Lost & Found to: or speak to Mr. McGill in the school office.


• Lost and Found is located in the Annex area behind the Auditorium. 


• There are clothes racks and bins for items “lost this week,” “lost last week” and a large blue bin for items “found today."
• The clothing on the racks is arranged by color, which helps kids identify their stuff.
• Items are placed in Lost & Found any time/any day ~ so keep checking back!


• You can look for items after morning drop off or any time during the day before 2:30pm
• When searching, please keep items tidy: ON HANGERS AND IN MARKED BINS.


• Each Monday items from “THIS WEEK” are moved over to “LAST WEEK.”
• Properly labeled items with FULL NAME (& Classroom #) will be given to Mr. McGill and returned to the student.
• After 2-3 weeks, unclaimed items that are not labeled will be donated to charity!


• The most important thing to do is LABEL, LABEL, LABEL! Label often, label everything!
• First name or first initial, last name and class number are best.
• Use a fine tip permanent marker on the tag.
• Here are links to websites that sell sticky labels for clothing: 

The PS11 Lost and Found Team and are joining forces to help you keep tabs on your kids clothes and raise money for the PTA: a win-win situation. will make a donation to the PTA for 25% of each purchase made on their website using the promo code "PS11" at checkout. 

This code can be used by friends, family and everybody you can think of to help support this fundraiser. 
We will be sending home flyers in backpacks announcing the start of this program, that will be ongoing throughout the year. But now is an especially important time to label your kids stuff and help us minimize the Lost and Found 'unclaimed' pile... because Winter is coming and "it's cheaper to buy labels from than it is to have to buy a new coat!!!"

We will also create a link to on the PS11 website. They have hundreds of colors and styles with customized and washable peel and stick labels. Just remember to use the code "PS11" when making your purchase.