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PS 11 values family choice and flexibility when considering homework and student time spent outside of school. Teachers will provide families with optional activities for continued learning and practice at home. Research shows a direct correlation between time spent reading and academic development. Therefore, we encourage students to engage in daily reading at home. Additionally some assignments will be sent home throughout the year to help maximize student learning time in the classroom.We understand the expectation for our students in middle school, therefore our 5th grade homework policy will be adjusted to prepare our students for middle school.

PS11 is taking a new approach to homework,
to learn more about our philosophy and the
research that inspired this change, go to the HOP site.





We at PS11 think it is critical that families know
what and how their children are learning.
To address this, our teachers are continuously
creating tutorials so families and familiarize
themselves with classroom content.
To learn more, go to the PS11Showme site





Interested in learning more? Here is the research that inspired our new vision of homework.