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The following fundraising events will be held during the 2016-7 school year:

Fall Festival 10/15
Scholastic Book Fair 10/24 - 10/28
5th Grade Play & Bake Sale   2/10 & 2/11
Coin Drive  1/25-1/27
Comedy for a Cause at Gotham Comedy  TBD
PS11PTA Contemporary Art Auction  TBD
Spring Auction & Gala  TBD
Online Auction TBD 
Scholastic Book Fair 5/24 - 5/26

Why does a public school need to fundraise? State and City budgets are based on minimal standards. It is based on meeting the fundamental needs for students. Our students deserve more than just the fundamentals. ALL of our important enrichment activities are paid by our PTA funds.

The PTA uses a variety of methods to raise funds to support all the great programs at the school. The two largest sources of funds are the Annual Fund and the Spring Auction & Gala, which together are budgeted to account for roughly 75% of our annual fundraising efforts. The remaining monies come from our other fundraising events such as Comedy for a Cause, Fall Festival, Coin Drive, Bake Sales, etc. We also have opportunities to support PS11 while we shop, including Boxtops for Education, Fairway and Amazon.