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From Stoneledge Farm:

Week #2  (Even Pickup Week)
Dear CSA Member, 

Refrigerators will be full of greens this week.  There is nothing that can beat salad spinner this time of year!  The fresh salad harvest is always so tasty.  This week is the final week for transplants.  This weeks transplant will be oregano.  It can be potted indoors or, out.  Use as needed by cutting the stems.  It is great to have fresh oregano always on hand.  

Also in your share will be Red Mustard Greens, Mizuna along with Arugula. These are great chopped and added to a salad or cooked on their own as a side dish.  I have added photos below help identify the difference between the Muzina and Arugula.  They do look similar. 



What's in the Bag:

Boc Choi

Red Tide Lettuce

Green Romaine Lettuce

Arugula (rounded leaves) 

Mizuna (pointed leaves)

Cherry Radishes

Red Mustard Greens


Oregano Transplant

Red Oak Leaf Lettuce

Storing Tips: 
  • Bo Choi- Rinsed in a well-drained salad spinner, or wrapped in a damp cloth in the refrigerator. 
  • Mizuna, Mustard, Arugula-Rinsed in a well-drained salad spinner, or wrapped in a damp cloth in the refrigerator. 
  • Radishes- Rinsed and stored in the refrigerator.
  • Fresh Mint- Rinsed and stored in the refrigerator in paper towel OR hang to dry and use as needed.
  • Lettuces- Rinsed, in a salad spinner and stored in the refrigerator.
To Freeze/ Preserve:
Not to Freeze, and Use Up:  Lettuces, Radishes, Mizuna, Mustard, Arugula.

What's in the Bag:

Tropicana Lettuce
Red Tide Lettuce
Boc Choi  (Great for Stir Fry)
Oregano  (The first harvest of oregano is Always the most flavorful!  Hang to dry and use all season long.)
French Breakfast Radishes  (Use the Greens!)
Chinese Cabbage  (Great for Stir Fry, Stuffed Cabbage, Cole Slaw)
Rhubarb  (a perfect bunch for Rhubarb cake. Recipe at the bottom of the email.)
Greek Basil Transplant (Plant the pot and plant in the ground or a container)