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Chess at PS 11

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MLK Day Chess Wins

The home team brought home big wins at the 2018 MLK CIS tournament. PS11 placed fourth in the U1000  section and fifth in the U 600 section. A huge congratulations to Michael who placed second in the U1500 section with a perfect score. Sisters Hilda and Hilmay both won medals. A fantastic effort by our team in the face of stiff competition. Go Chessmates!


PS 11 Chessmates Win Big at City Championship!


Over 1500 kids turned up to play at the Greater New York Scholastic Chess Championship this weekend and we had our largest contingent for this prestigious event with 36 Chessmates playing solid chess over two days, some in multiple sections! In individual trophy wins, Avaan placed 9th in the Primary Championship section, Brody was 15th in the U700 section, and Michael was15th in the U1500 section. In team results, we placed 6th in the Primary Championship section, 5th in the  Elementary U700 and Elementary U1500 sections, 8th in the K-1 U400 section and  9th in the primary U1000 section. It was fantastic to see many new faces mingling with our veteran players. Next we host the MLK Day tournament at our school. Come play some chess! 


U1500 team trophy





We Are National Champions!

We competed against the best in the country at the grade nationals in Orlando, and our Chelsea Chessmates are National top ten champions. So proud of our team for surviving 7 rounds of tough competition over three days, for fighting against all odds and for displaying amazing team spirit by supporting each other through losses and wins.  Our third grade team placed 9th in the country (Joshua, Viggo, Jack, Sabella and Amaira) and our second grade team was 8th nationally. (Avaan, Christoffer and Indira). We now prepare for the New York city Championship on January 6.

 Chelsea Chessmates Crush the Competition

The ICN Open on December 3, was an important chess event, the last one before the nationals, and our team turned up to take down the competition! We placed first in the U400 and the U1500 sections and second in the U1000 section. We had veteran players and beginners compete with equal passion for PS11. A huge congratulations to Damien, Viggo and Joshua for getting perfect scores in the U400, U1000 and U1500 sections. Next stop Orlando Grade Nationals.. wishing our team all the best.


Veterans Day Chess at PS11

An amazing day for our Chelsea Chess mates as they we hosted the Veterans Day Tournament at our school. We placed third in the K-12 U1500 section and fourth in the K-5 U600 section of a very competitive tournament. Indira placed third in the U600 section, with a perfect score. Thank you to all those who donated candy to support the team, we sold almost all of it! Wishing the team luck as we host another CIS tournament on November 18Indira with a perfect score


Chessmates Rock the ICN Open!

The Chessmates came out in strong numbers to represent our school team at the ICN open on Sunday. We won first place in the U300 section and second place in the open section. Meera came first in the U300,  Joshua placed second in the Open section, Michael fourth in the Open section and Milo fourth in U300. A fantastic effort by the team! Next we play host at the Veterans Day tournament.


Girl Champ

Mia placed second in the first grade section at the Spence all girls chess tournament. Go Chessmates!





First Home Game Results

It was a packed tournament on Columbus Day at PS11 with more than 800 kids registered! Competition was fierce but our team managed to place 5th in the U1000, 6th in the Unrated, 8th in the U1500 and 10th in the U600 sections.
Great performance by Victor who won all his games and came second in the unrated section. Viggo was 9th and Hilmay was 10th in the U1000 section.
Go Chelsea Chessmates!






Chessmates Shine at ICN Open

The Chelsea Chessmates showed up in full force for their first team tournament of the year and came home with big wins. Our team placed third in the U600 and U1200 sections and first in the Open section. Jack, Joshua and Avaan all had perfect scores. Join our next big tournament hosted at PS 11 on Columbus Day!

Big Winners: Our proud teamPerfect smiles, Perfect Scores: Jack, Joshua and Avaan




Checkmate Your Way Through Summer!

Chelsea Checkmates, keep up your chess practice and improve your game this summer with your favorite coaches. Camps will be held at Chelsea Prep School (281, 9th Avenue), near our school. Come for a day, a week or all summer (Camp runs all July and August). Besides preparing our PS 11 players and team for local, City, State & National Competitions, there will be inter school competitions, small group work, rated game play, pointed lectures and much more. Ideal for the beginner and advanced player alike.
* Lunch & snacks included.
* Additional sports, arts, water play, and social play will be included throughout each day.




Mayor's Cup second place winners.

The Chelsea Chessmates end the year with a bang at the annual ICN championship..

Finishing with a Bang!

At the Mayor's Cup held at PS11 on Saturday, the Chelsea Chessmates finished the season on a strong note taking silver and coming in second place in the city.  Go team! For some of our amazing fifth graders this will be the last time they play as a Chelsea Chessmate and they will be dearly missed. Coming up in two weeks are the Supernationals!




Graduating soon! Goodbye Amy, Audrey, Anya, Ian, Bix and Kolya... the team will miss you
 Celebration cupcakesOur pillars the coachesMayor's cup team with some supporting siblings!

Farewell team cupcakes!  Viggo winning 7 place at PS41 on Saturday, in Reserve U1100




Chelsea Chessmates: CIS Tournament in Brooklyn

This weekend the Chelsea Chessmates played at the CIS tournament in Brooklyn on Saturday and the Avenues tournament on Sunday. Joshua and Kevin each scored 3 out of four in the CIS tournament. At Avenues Jack came in at 7th place with 3 points. Next the team plays home turf as we host the Mayors Cup this Saturday at PS11. For more information, check out our page. 






It is with great pride that we congratulate our PS 11 girls on claiming the U 12 National Championship Runner-up this past weekend in Chicago. This is the highest National title we have attained as a team with only three kids able to make it because of bad weather. We did better than schools with much higher rated players. Yes Chelsea Chessmates our Girls Team is the second best in the whole country!  A fantastic job by fifth graders Audrey, Anya and Amy. These girls are a true inspiration for all our other upcoming players who will carry on their legacy. A huge thank you to Mr Fier, Coach Russ, Coach Aaron, Coach Angel and the ICN team for building this amazing Chess team! 











ICN Team Invitational

The Chelsea Chessmates brought on their team spirit this weekend to play the ICN Team Invitational organized by our fabulous coaches. We placed 6th in the U600, 3rd in the U1200, and 1st in the Open section. Individual trophy winners, Hilda came first with a perfect score in the U1200, Nathaniel also with a perfect score was first in the Open and Avaan came third in the Open section. Next week our girls head to the All Girls National Championship... Good luck Chelsea Chessmates!

At the PS41 Tournament this weekend

Kolya came in 6th Place in the Championship section (tied for 3rd).  Viggo came in 7th in the Primary under 800 section.  Our girls also had a blast at the Lower Lab All Girls Quads this weekend. The Chelsea Chessmates make us proud!



PS11 we might need a new chess trophy case! We sent 24 kids to the New York Scholastic State Championship, to participate in six competitive sections and we brought home team and individual trophies in every section. Rock on Chelsea Chessmates!

  • Elementary Intermediate: 2nd Place Team (Kevin, Michael, Anya, Roger, Ian)
  • Primary Championship: 5th Place Team (Nathaniel, Joshua, Zachary, Jack,  Aditya)
  • Primary Reserve: 5th Place Team (Sabella, Julian, Maddie, Indira)
  • Elementary Championship: 7th Place Team ( Amy, Audrey, Kolya Bix)
  • K-1 Championship: 7th Place Team (Avaan, Christoffer)
  • Elementary Reserve:13th Place Team (Hilmay, Hilda, Viggo, Milo)

  • Christoffer: 5th Place K-1 Championship, Nathaniel 8th Place Primary Championship, Sabella 6th Place Primary Reserve, Michael Elementary Reserve 9th Place
  • Special Trophy: Amy : Elementary Cham













Chelsea Chessmates: Nest+m Tournament Results

Avaan placed first with a perfect score in the Classic section at the NEST+m Tournament. Amaira took home 8th place in the 2017 CIS All Girls Challenge. Next weekend the Chelsea Chessmates hit the New York State Championship. Go team!









Girls Just Want to Play Chess: New York State All Girls Chess Tournament

What an amazing turnout and performance by the Chelsea Chessmates girls this weekend at the first ever New York State All Girls Chess Tournament. Our U600 girls team placed 7th with everyone doing their bit to add to the team tally. Individual winners were Amy Sun placing second in the K-6 Championship section, Sabella sixth in the U600 and Indira highest unrated player in the U600.


It was inspiring to see our team support their peers with high fives and words of encouragement. The PS11 K&G spirit was shining bright this weekend!



















ICN February Open

Nathaniel won second place at the ICN February Open

Scholastic Greater New York City Championships February 4, 2017

What an exciting weekend for our Chelsea Chessmates at the Scholastic Greater New York City Championships. We are top 5 City Champions in two sections. Our littlest chess warriors placed 5th in the K-1 Championship section. Our team also took 5th place in the Primary U1000 section.

Individual trophy winners in K-1 Championship Avaan was 5th and Christoffer came in 6th. In the Primary U1000 section Jack came in 10th. Other trophy winners were Zachary, Anya and Roger. The Chelsea Chessmates had such a fantastic weekend competing hard and keeping up their team  spirit. Every player was a winner this weekend. Go Team.













Avenues Tournament Jan 28, 2017 

Some of our players brought home trophies at the Avenues tournament this weekend. Avaan was first with a perfect score in his section, Nathaniel placed 9th in a very competitive section and Indira placed second in the unrated section. The Chelsea Chessmates are geared up for the City Championship next weekend!



MLK Day Tournament

Ps 11 hosted the 2017 CIS MLK Jr. Day Chess Tournament on  Monday, January 16. Our home team won third place in the novice section. Nikhil had a perfect score and came third. Go Chelsea Chessmates! You make us proud.

Another great chess weekend -- December 18, 2016

Three amazing days of Chess for our First, Second and Fifth Grade teams and we are National Champs in every section! Our first grade team placed sixth, second grade team also grabbed the sixth spot and our veteran fifth graders placed ninth. In individual standings Avaan was tied for sixth place  (9th place trophy after tie breaks)  in the First Grade overall section, Christopher took first in the under 1000 and Nathaniel tied for fifth place (13th place trophy after tie breaks) in second grade. We could not be prouder of our PS11 team. Go Chelsea Chessmates

December Chess Tournament Success!

It was a fantastic weekend of chess for the PS11 team.
At the Saturday CIS tournament, Brody tied for first in the Rookie section winning all 4 games and Zachary tied for first place with 3.5 games in the Novice section. Both received 2nd place trophies based on the chess tiebreaks system.

> At the Sunday ICN invitational our players brought home 3rd place Team trophies in both U 600 & U1200. Hilda placed 2nd in the U600 and Anna was fifth in the U1200

ICN team third place

Winners Brody and Zachary

Hilda second place winner

Anna fifth place winner


Chelsea Chessmates Bring it Home!

PS11 hosted the CIS Heisman Chess Challenge and our very own Chelsea Chessmates placed first in the K-5 U1000 section, second in the unrated section and fourth in the K-12 U1500 section. Joshua won second place in the Novice section. Overall it was a fantastic day with our players placing in the top ten in every section we participated in.  Go PS 11, Go Chelsea Chessmates!!! The next tournament will be hosted at PS11 on Veterans Day for rated players only.



Coach Fier and second place winner JoshuaNovice U1000 first place winners with Coach Angel
Unrated second place winners






At our Columbus Day 2016 Tournament we placed first in the U1000 and U600 categories. Avaan and Hilmay both had perfect scores in their sections.

See below for pictures..  

Dear PS 11 Chess Families, 

We could not be prouder of our PS 11 Team's effort at yesterday's Columbus Day Tournament!

At our Home School, with over 700 players representing schools City-wide, our Chelsea ChessMates stood above the rest with one of our strongest showings in the programs history!  

A Special Thanks to everyone who made yesterday's success possible including Mr. Fier, our parent volunteers, and Coach Aaron/PS 11 Coaches! 

Our players competed hard the entire day including our newest team members to our seasoned team veterans/leaders! 

Most important of all, our Chelsea ChessMates Team spirit shone through the entire day, giving us an extra special advantage and driving us forward to a huge Team success! 

Team Results:

1st Place: K - 5 U 1000

1st Place (Tie): K - 5 U 600

3rd Place: K - 12 U 1500

4th Place: K - 5 Unrated! 

Perfect Scores: 

Avaan (K - 5 U 1000)

Hilmay (K - 5 U 600) 

A Job Well Done!!!! 


Your Proud PS 11 Coaches!

Russell Makofsky, Program Director





 Click here for results by individual


2015-2016 Season

Our under 400 k/1 team won the city championship this weekend! Avaan and Joshua also won trophies ....

Third overall in the city Christopher won all his five games

The PS11 Chess team got second place in the 2015 CIS Norman Binger Chess Challenge (Unrated Tournament).

Two players were in the top ten: Avaan (fourth overall), Joshua (8th overall).



PS11 Chess Program

The chess program at PS11 is multi-faceted. First, second and third graders receive in-class chess instruction as part of the enrichment program at PS11. In addition, all students at PS11 are given free accounts to the ChessKid app, which provides students with the opportunity to solve chess puzzles and allows chess instructors to potentially identify students who should consider joining the school’s chess team. For beginning chess players, the afterschool program offers an excellent opportunity to learn how to play the game and encourages students who show interest to move to the next level of play. Finally, Mr. Fier helps to organize and facilitate the Chelsea ChessMates team practice which is held from 3-5pm on Tuesdays, where students are grouped according to their level of play and have dedicated coaches to help students improve their game while having fun.  Chess Team practice provides small group instruction. For more information, see

If you have any questions about the school’s chess program, please contact our PS11 Lead Coach Aaron Parness ( or Russ Makofsky, the Program Director ( Tryouts for the chess team are held at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters in September and January, but if you are interested in trying out for the team during the school year, please email Mr. Fier at to arrange a time. 


Chess in the Schools’ Tournament Program offers players from kindergarten through high school the opportunity to play in free tournaments throughout the city, each of which draws between 400 and 800 players. PS11 hosts several CIS tournaments throughout the school year, which provide an excellent opportunity for our chess team to practice what they learn during weekly team practice and showcase their progression in a familiar setting. Mr. Fier works with CIS to help ensure that the tournaments are run efficiently and smoothly, and our PS11 chess coaches are on hand to provide encouragement and guidance during the tournament. While all this is going on, our chess parents coordinate the fundraising effort at these tournaments to help raise funds for various chess expenses, including registration fees and coaching expenses at city/state/national championship tournaments. For more information, check out

For more information, contact Mr Fier: