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Attendance and Lateness

Good attendance is essential to your child’s academic achievement. Time missed equals curriculum lost, which has a huge impact on your child’s learning. Unfortunately, there is no way to make up for lost school days. The Chancellor’s regulations require students to maintain 90% attendance. Vacations must be planned around the school calendar (see the calendar on the back cover of your child’s PS11 Home Folder or refer to the DOE website.

The Department of Education does not excuse student vacations that do not conform to scheduled school closings.

Schedule appointments for your child before or after school.
If you know ahead of time that your child will be absent, inform your child’s classroom teacher and the office in writing, stating the dates and reason for the absence. If your child is sick and will be out of school for more than three consecutive days, please call the Main Office to report the absence. Make arrangements with your child’s classroom teacher to obtain homework assignments.

Please make sure to get your child to school on time. School doors open promptly at 8:45 am. Punctuality is an essential part of your child’s development as a student. In addition, the day starts with homework check in, math messages, morning meetings and other grounding and skill-building activities. Students who arrive late disrupt the smooth beginning of the day.

Students who arrive at school after 8:50 am will be marked late and a late pass will be necessary to enter the classroom. Please be aware that late marks become a part of your child’s permanent record and that attendance and punctuality is reviewed for promotion and middle school placement.