PS11 SLT Overview

The School Leadership Team SLT is a collaborative team made up of an equal number of faculty and parents. Members include the Principal, Assistant Principal, UFT Representative, and PTA President (or their appointee) and our Community Based Organization (CBO) representative, in addition to five parent members and three elected members of the PS11 faculty.

The PS11 SLT has two primary responsibilities. One is to evaluate the academic needs of PS11 students and produce a Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) that proposes ways to meet those needs, in alignment with the school budget for the following school year. The other is to monitor whether the current CEP is being implemented, and to ensure that proper resources are allocated to implement the current CEP. The most current CEP is available at the DOE's PS11's official school portal on the NYCDOE website.

In addition to these responsibilities, the PS11 SLT also chooses to organize Family Workshops that foster parental involvement, community building and provide valuable information and tools to students, parents and guardians throughout the school year.

How to raise an issue with the SLT
Although PS11 SLT meetings are open to the entire school community, according to SLT by-laws, observers may not participate in discussions during SLT meetings. However, if you have an item you would like the SLT to address or if you would like to attend an SLT meeting, please contact the SLT (at least one week in advance) at

Attendances and Participation of Non-Team Members
As stated in the SLT Bylaws, all regularly scheduled team meetings will be open to members of the school community. The school community shall consist of parents (as defined in the Chancellor’s Regulations) of children currently attending the school, teachers, staff and liaisons to the school (i.e., CEC representatives). Non-SLT members must request speaking time at meetings to discuss specific topics. This time will be scheduled at the beginning of the meeting. After their scheduled speaking time, they may leave or stay on as an observer. They may not, however, participate in discussions for the duration of the SLT Meeting. All such requests must be submitted in writing to the Chairperson or Liaison at least a week in advance of scheduled meeting for approval. Non-members are encouraged to bring issues of concern to their constituent representative(s) on the team prior to team meetings. Requests for topics of discussion should be submitted in writing at least one week in advance of the meeting date. 

Joining the SLT
The SLT parent elections are held each June directly following the PTA elections. The term for each member is 2 years and requires a time commitment of one 2-hour meeting per month and several parent workshop events held at school throughout the year. Members should make every effort to attend all meetings and events, but, per the Chancellors Regulations may miss only 2 meetings per calendar year. Alternates chosen at the yearly elections will replace a member with more than 2 absenses. For a full understanding of the commitment, please review the SLT Bylaws.